Digital Summit 2016 Keynote Videos

View the keynote presentations from Microsoft and TechCrunch at the Digital Summit 2016.

PRESENTATION #1: Rethinking user behavior: competing pressures, identities, and our automated, curated world

Matt Wallaert, (former) Behavioral Scientist, Microsoft

When we build products, we often have very specific behavioral goals in mind, things we want users not just to think and feel but actually do.  And yet our work so rarely takes in to account what we know about the science of changing behaviors.  Join behavioral scientist Matt Wallaert as he talks about psychology-based methods for thinking about product and business design, using science, startups, and plenty of practical examples.

Access will allow you to watch the video of Matt Wallaert presenting his keynote.

About Matt:
Matt Wallaert is a behavioral scientist and was working at Microsoft and East Coast Lead for Microsoft Ventures, at the intersection of technology and human behavior at the time of his presentation. A multi-exit entrepreneur and product expert, he is passionate about gender wage equity, competing pressures design, and the science of behavior change. 

PRESENTATION # 2: Five digital trends that will change your marketing
Travis Bernard, Audience Development, TechCrunch

In this session, international keynote and digital expert Travis Bernard shared the new trends to watch and how to prepare for them.

- Get the details on 5 big technology driven trends out of Silicon Valley and what this means for marketers
- Gain insight into how TechCrunch themselves planned to take advantage of these opportunities
- See how Travis uses data and numbers as a base for his planning and activity

Access will allow you to watch the video of of Travis Bernard presenting his keynote as well as his presentation slides.

About Travis:
Travis Bernard is the Director of Audience Development at TechCrunch, and he specializes in web analytics, business development, audience growth, and social media strategy. Travis started with TechCrunch in July 2014, and he has used a data-centric strategy to drive massive audience growth for TechCrunch on its homepage and emerging platforms.